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One of the hobbies that I enjoy is writing. From a very young age, I have always loved writing. In elementary and middle school, a lot of the curriculum at my school focused on the importance of writing well and I feel like that has helped me throughout my life. I enjoy all types of writing because I feel like it allows me to express myself creatively. My dad does a lot of writing for his job and I feel like I got my love for writing from him. When I was a senior in high school I was in an upper-level drama class where we put on our own showcase at the end of the year. I decided on a whim to write my own original One-Act. This was daunting for me because I wanted people to like it especially because it was a comedy. I spent a lot of my free time that semester writing and I remember it being one of the things I looked forward to doing every day. When it was time to present my idea to my teacher and class I was so happy when they told me how much they enjoyed my story. I was then able to bring my story to life and directed my One Act to present in front of an audience. I remember how excited I was for an audience to see my story and how hard we had worked on bringing it to life and I will never forget the feeling of hearing the first laugh from the crowd. To this day that is one of my greatest accomplishments and I hope that in the future I am given an opportunity to create something like that again. I think I love comedic writing the most because of my love for the show Saturday Night Live. I am always in awe of how the writers for this show are able to write something so quickly and yet still be so well done. One of my dreams for as long as I can remember would be to be a writer for SNL. I love how fast-paced the show is and how there is always an opportunity to be creative. I find myself often thinking of ways to turn current events or relatable scenarios into sketch comedy and working there would probably be one of my biggest career dreams.

When I first came to Georgia College I was a Special Education major, and while I still love Special Education, during my first year in college I had a constant feeling that something was missing. During quarantine, I was able to explore what was missing and do some research on a new major that would be better for me. That is when I found Mass Communications. Mass Communications combined two of the things I have always loved, writing and film and tv. I have always had a love for the film and television industry because that is what my dad does for a living and so it is something I have been around my whole life. I realized that I still had a longing to be involved in the film and television industry and that was where my true calling is. Through Mass Communications I have learned so much about the different styles of writing I can encounter depending on what career I choose later on. It has helped me expand on my skills and knowledge and will definitely be beneficial for me later in life. In my film and television classes I have been able to write my own scripts and then help make those scripts/stories come to life on screen. I have learned so many valuable skills and at the same time found myself again because I am learning about something that I have always been passionate about. Even in my elective classes, I feel like I have been able to learn new skills that have contributed to my writing ability and have helped make writing a lot easier. One of my favorite classes I was able to take was Creative Writing last semester. This class helped me with structuring different types of short stories and each week I was able to write about whatever I wanted. I was able to be creative and come up with story after story each week and then gain insight and feedback on how I could make my stories better. This class broadened my creative skills because each week I was pushed to think of something new even if it was out there. Overall, changing my major helped me find a career path that will allow me to use my favorite hobby every day. I am able to be creative and express myself in all of my classes and watch my stories come to life just as I did in high school. I hope that I am able to continue this in my career after I graduate.

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