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This semester all of my classes are focused on my Mass Communication major. I am taking two film and television classes, Spanish, an internship practicum, and web design. All of these classes are providing me with skills I can use in a career after graduation. In my film and tv classes, I am gaining hands-on experience with creating my own content, using equipment, and editing tools. I have learned about all of the steps of production, from developing an idea, to publishing that idea online. In these classes, I have made a 60-second documentary, a 30-second commercial, an informational video, and a web series.

For my major, I am taking four levels of a foreign language and I chose to take Spanish. Taking Spanish will help me in the future because it allows me to be able to communicate with more people by knowing a second language. In web design, I have learned all the steps of building my own website through HTML, CSS, and now WordPress. This is a skill that will definitely help me in my future career specifically when I am applying for jobs because it is a skill that not a lot of people have. In this class I have learned how to code, problem solve and build a website from scratch. While this class is not required for my major, I have really enjoyed taking it because I have learned a lot from it.

For my internship/practicum, I did 50 hours for the Athletic Department at Georgia College. I helped run all of the home games by running broadcast cameras or producing the live stream. This was a great experience for me for a career after graduation because I was able to learn hands-on. I loved this practicum because it allowed me to be creative with producing and help come up with angles or shots that would enhance the quality of the live stream/broadcast. I also started working in the office two days a week. In the office, I helped create content that was either published on the social media pages, played on the big screens at games, or played during the live stream/broadcast. I am interested in working in sports television after graduation and I feel like this practicum made me more comfortable and confident in my skills to work in sports television. All of my classes this semester have given me skills that I can use in any career I choose.

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