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I love baking! Baking is, and has always been one of my favorite hobbies/ activities to do in my free-time. I remember when I was little visiting my grandmother, we would always bake- cookies, cupcakes, you name it we probably baked it at some point! That is a core memory for me growing up, and has stayed with me since. To me, baking has always been a therapy in some different ways. It is a time in this crazy life where you can just “relax” and make something. As the chef, you are in control of how it turns out, and to me the trial and error is the fun and exciting part of baking. Sometimes you want to bake something really complex, like a 5-layer carrot cake from scratch, where you have to shred the carrots yourself and make the cream cheese frosting from scratch, other times you just want to make chocolate chip cookies from the box. Both are equally as good and fun. Some of my favorite memories have come from baking, either in the sense of baking with someone or baking for someone and giving it to them. One of my favorite memories of baking with someone was with my mom this Thanksgiving. For a few days my mom and I had been trying to decide what desserts to make for Thanksgiving. We had so many options and were trying to narrow it down to just a few to have a little taste of everything. After contemplating we decided to make 3 pies from scratch. Man was it a challenging task, but it was so much fun just being in the kitchen and spending quality time with my mom. We spent hours preparing a pumpkin pie, apple pie, and lemon pie- and let me tell you, they were all a hit! Personally, my favorite was the lemon pie, not only because it was the easiest to make, but it just was so fresh and yummy! Baking for someone gives me joy as well. Sometimes just surprising your roommates with a fresh baked snack can make their day and put a smile on their face. To me, not only is it fun for me to prepare the baked goods and be in the kitchen, but seeing how it makes other people happy is also fun and worth it to me. Baking has been one of my favorite things and will continue to be a way I decompress from a crazy day or just to make a new recipe!


Unlike baking, I have not always been an avid reader. Growing up I used to despise reading, and would do anything and everything to avoid reading a book. My parents would try and give me little prizes to read during the summer but I would not budge because I absolutely hated it. It was not until around college when I realized reading was actually not as bad as I thought. My love for reading came along with my history minor. The historical books that I was required to read one semester really enthralled me and taught me that there is so much more to learn and I can learn by books! My favorite books to read are still Historical Nonfiction and different historical books throughout the centuries. I find that books teach us all new things about the world around us that we might not have known previously. Through different historical books I have been able to read about different leaders and figures through the world and how they lived their lives, I have been able to read about different events that occurred and have read first hand encounters of what it was actually like and to me that is so fascinating! Recently, I have also been getting into different biographies and autobiographies about different people- whether it is a historical figure or a celebrity today. My most recent read, and one I would recommend to everyone is Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey. My mom got me this book randomly because I enjoy his acting in different movies, and once I stared reading the book I could not put it down. It was really inspiring me having a perspective of someone so famous and known for so much to be so down to earth and care about more than looks and money. Through reading it not only increases your knowledge but it just gives you an escape from the world. Sometimes people (including myself) can get so busy and forget about just taking a few minutes to themselves to breathe and step away from the phone and the ongoing chatter that surrounds our everyday lives. I have found that reading is the perfect remedy for me. It allows me to take anywhere from ten to thirty minutes away just to be with myself and my book. 


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