Work Experience


  • Three Chicks Boutique August 2017- December 2020 

  •  Managed various tasks including organizing the store, fulfilling orders, managing social media accounts, and planning different events within the store, and quick method for the register.  
  •  Delegated different roles for employees throughout the store, while welcoming customers into the store and offering assistance. 
  • Assisted in creating a new check-out method, resulting in a more effective, efficient, and quick method for the register.  
    • Mother’s Day Out at First Baptist Augusta May 2016-July 2017 

  •  Cared for multiple children at once and learned basic responsibilities. I also learned the importance of keeping a schedule and being on time.  
  •  Assisted in overseeing the care of 30 children, while also overseeing planning and creating budgets for the year. 
  • Created and designed arts and crafts for the children to educate them for different lesson plans