Anna Dekle

Georgia College Alumna
Hobbies and Interests

Hobbies and Interests

My Hobbies and Interests

One of my most favorite hobbies in crafting. I enjoy crafting and creating things in my free time. It is a outlet for me to release stress and relax after a stressful or long day. One creation that has brought me a lot of joy the past few months have been making macramé rainbows. When I first saw a macramé rainbow, I knew I wanted to be able to recreate it somehow. They were so cute and could be hung in your car, in your room, and could be given to people as gifts. I knew that I could probably make them myself, so one day I bought the materials and gave it a go. I started out just making one for one of my friends, but it quickly turned into a business. I now make macramé rainbows and sell them at art shows, trunk shows, and through social media. It has been such a fun creative outlet for me during college.

Another one of my favorite hobbies that brings me a lot of joy  is cooking. I enjoy the slow paced and creative environment cooking provides. There is something about being able to start with a bunch of random ingredients and turn it into a masterpiece. Of course, not everything I have cooked has turned out how it is supposed to be, but that is what I love about cooking. The kitchen, in my opinion, is a low stress environment that welcome mistakes and failure. I find that cooking can be very forgiving when we add a little too much of this or a little too much of that. Baking, however, is a whole other story. Some of my favorite recipes to make come from the Half-Baked Harvest Cookbook. In this cookbook you will find some of the most delicious recipes that are not too complex for the average person. Some of my most favorite nights in college include a glass of wine, Frank Sinatra in the background, and cooking a delicious meal in my kitchen with friends that I love.

Along with crafting and cooking, I also love to travel and listen to live music. Being able to travel with friends and family is one of the best things. Everyone needs time away from their regular routine and regular spaces. This is a time to breathe in fresh air and take a break. I also live for live music. This past semester I have had the opportunity to see the Brook and the Bluff, Justin Bieber, and John Mayer. I am sure 2022 is full of more concerts and live music.

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