Anna Dekle

Georgia College Alumna
About Me Georiga College and State Graduate

Spring 2022

About Me

Hi! My name is Anna Dekle and I am a senior at Georgia College and State University. I am majoring in Marketing with a minor in Management of Information Systems. I look forward to completing my class in May 2022 and finding a job where I can use my skills as well as learn and grow in new areas.

My time at Georgia College has prepared me to excel in a professional setting outside the classroom. Through my coursework and involvement with on-campus organizations, I am continuously expanding my knowledge and understanding of Marketing and MIS. I also have developed several skills and hobbies through out my time at Georgia College, that I believe make me a well rounded individual.

I am currently enrolled in Strategic Marketing, Strategic Management, Web Design, and Business Analysis courses. All of these courses have allowed me to showcase the skills and knowledge I have learned the past four years. These classes have given me the opportunity to grow in my teamwork and leadership skills. They also have allowed me to put into practice my knowledge and understanding of Marketing and MIS thus far.

Throughout this semester, I have had the opportunity to work as an executive assistant and social media manager for a small business. Having a job while in school has been challenging, but it has taught me and grown me in multiple ways. It has taught me how to be disciplined, how to prioritize my time, and it has taught me how to efficiently multi-task. My role as an executive assistant and social media manager has strengthened my written and oral communication skills. It has also strengthened my knowledge and understanding of how businesses work and the multiple parts that are necessary.

As a social media manager, I have worked on several marketing campaigns. I have had the opportunity to create graphics and social media posts for clients. Through being able to create social media content for clients, I have learned even more about marketing for different audiences.

After Graduation, I would love to pursue a career in the marketing and communications industry or in the tech industry.

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