Shelby Martin

Management Information Systems Major looking for an Entry Level job.
College Education

Spring 2022

Proficient in Python CodingĀ 

During the Spring 2022 semester, I have been completing my final courses prior to prepare for Graduation in May. I will be earning a Bachelor of Arts in Management Information Systems with a concentration in Web Development. I am proficient in Python coding; I have taken an intro to Python coding and an Advanced Python Coding class. In my Advanced Python class, I have learned how to code an entire website that consisted of linking together 4 pages, a login and logout database, update and deleting information, and a blog. Throughout my other rigorous Web Design courses, I have learned how to code with using CSS and HTML. I have created multiple web pages and linked them together through navigation along with using CSS Stylesheets to make the page more aesthetically pleasing. As my time at Georgia College comes to an end, I am so grateful for the lifelong skills I have learned that will help me be better equipped in the Information Technology field. Upon Graduation, I have accepted a job in Dallas, Texas working for Wells Fargo. I will be a Technology Analyst. I am confident that all of the skills I have obtained throughout my four years will help better me for this position.

Being a woman in Tech is very empowering and I have met so many inspirational women that have encouraged me to pursue my dreams. My favorite event I have attended during college was the Grace Hopper Women in Computing Conference. I have attended the conference for the last two years, and it has been one of the best, most life-changing experiences. I got to meet so many amazing people and networked professionally with so many incredible companies. I was also elected to be the Vice President of Recruitment for an on campus organization, Zeta Tau Alpha. Through this position, I was able to establish myself as a leader and learn to collaborate with other leaders in positions and learn from them. Overall, this Spring 2022 semester was the best semester because of how many lessons I have learned that came full circle. I am confident to say I am proficient in Python Coding and am able to hard-code websites for users in need. I also used MySQL Workbench to form new databases for my website and store login credentials in this application. I am leaving Georgia College with so many new and useful skills that I have learned in and out of the classroom that I will be bringing into my future job(s) and I am confident I will be able to excel because of these skills.

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