Lonnie C. Howell

A man with a mission

Spring 2022


With this being my final semester at Georgia College, I only have two classes as far as school is concerned. The first is the Web Design Tools class, for which I am writing this post. The second is my internship with the Oconnee River Greenway. For this internship, I have taken on several projects. Including a series of TikToks going over the various invasive species found at the Milledgeville Greenway and a video introducing people of a younger demographic to the hobby of Bird-Watching. Another project, and one of my more ambitious, is a short documentary going over a short history of the Greenway. While all of these projects have had their challenges, I am not only aware that these are forming the foundations for my career but I am also enjoying the process somewhat. This is in spite of not being able to finish as many projects as I wanted to for this internship.

Leadership and work

This is somewhat due to some of my other duties. Which include, but are not limited to, my executive position in the Georgia College Filmmaking Club, Bobcat Media Productions (BMP), and my job at the Bobcat Card Office. In regard to my position at BMP, I am the Production Manager. In practice, I am the person whom our President, Davis Shaw, goes to for certain tasks to be done on behalf of the club. For example, I recently worked with our representative in the Georgia College Student Government Association to secure funding for the Film Festival we held this year. Not only was this an educational experience, seeing how the SGA works at Georgia College, but also one that got me to think about other ways I can interact with, and perhaps take on, leadership positions. On the Job front. I am a Student Assistant at the Bobcat Card Office. Also in practice, I man the front desk and provide customer service to those that come in. For example, I am often approached to print of new cards for those who have lost theirs. Upon request, I inform them of both the typical $25 fee for the replacement and our special for a free card included with a $30 deposit. While most emphatically take the special, there are still a few that request the fee in spite of the fact that it is simply a fee. whereas the deposit allows you to spend that money at the various vendors who take “Cat Cash”.

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